Our Goals

Make games that are, above all else, fun to play.

It’s a simple premise: games should be fun. But it’s something many companies that develop games these days seem to have lost track of. In an effort to make games ever more realistic, some companies have forgotten we often play games to escape the very realities they strive to replicate. And then there are the companies that don’t even care about your experience; they just want your money.

Our goal is to be thought of as one of the companies that hasn’t lost track of the fundamental reason we play games- to have fun. And our belief is that if we make games that are of the highest quality, that ensure the time you spend playing our games is enjoyable, the rest will all fall into place.

Create communities around
our games.

When we first started playing games, the communities that surrounded them looked far different than they do today. Those communities consisted of friends sitting on the floor in the basement together or huddled around a dorm room TV. Today, we play games with people around the world. We play with people we’ve never met. We play with people who don’t even speak the same language. There are no limitations to the communities that surround games anymore.

For us, connecting people that share a love of our games is more than a business aspiration; it’s our ultimate goal as a company. We place a high value on the communities in which we live and a high value on all the communities we’re a part of. We valued the experiences we shared with friends in our dorm rooms and basements and hope to recreate that same sort of feeling with each game we launch.

Build games that are immersive and memorable.

Everyone has played a game that caused them to lose track of time. Everyone has a game or group of games that they can’t help but look back at fondly. The best games are those that pull us into another world, that captivate us so thoroughly that we can’t help but remember them years, even decades, later.

We want you to get lost in our games. We want you to think about them when you’re not playing them because they are just that good. We want them to elicit feelings and emotions that are undeniable and we want our games to stay with you for years.

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We’re outsiders.
And that’s a good thing.

It’s true- neither of us have worked directly in the video game industry before. But is that a bad thing? Not if you ask us. In the video game industry, more games fail than make it, and more studios collapse than prosper. That tells us there’s room for a new approach to launching a game.


We know what we know. And what we don’t.

We know business and we know how to apply our business skills across industries. That’s something we’ve done before. What we haven’t done is built a video game studio. When we started 13th Bridge, we knew we had visions for games and a unique business approach to developing and marketing those games…but we also knew we didn’t have the technical skills needed to build the games. So we set out to find the most efficient and effective way to complement our own skills with those we would need to achieve our goal, which brings us to…


We believe in the
power of partnering.

There’s a lot we don’t know, but what we do know is that if we have the right strategic partners in place, we can overcome those deficiencies. That’s why we work hard to identify the best
partners- companies that share our passion for delivering immersive, high-end gaming experiences- and we work even harder to bring our games to life with them.


We’re players first.
And we want to have fun.

In some regards, we’re industry outsiders, but in other ways, we’re just the opposite. We’re lifelong lovers of video games, who know what makes the best games great. (Here’s a hint- it’s not constant ads and money-grabs). We want our games to be engaging, immersive, and more than anything, fun. We’ve set out to make the kinds of games that nobody will ever forget. The kinds of games you’ll be as excited to play as we are to make.


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